Throw about meaning and definition

According to Collins English Dictionary, The Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com…

1. to spend (one’s money) in a reckless and flaunting manner
2. throw one’s weight about, informal to act in an authoritarian or aggressive manner

According to wiktionary.org…

To cast about; to try expedients.

Throw about crossword

According to wordplays.com, there are 21 answers to the throw about crossword clue…

STREW Throw about
SCATTER Throw about
SHIFTY Evasive throw, about 12 ins (6)
STREWS Throws about
ATME “Don’t throw bouquets ___…”
RAMSEY “Throw Momma from the Train” star
THEBUM “Throw ___ out!”
TRAIN “Throw Momma from the ___” (1987)
TOWEL “Throw in the ___”
MEA “Throw ___ Kiss” (song of 1922)
MOMMA “Throw ___ from the Train”
STONES A ___ throw
PER A throw
SOFA A throw might go over it
ONEIN 50% free-throw shooter’s result, often
NEAR A stone’s throw from
ARM Ability to throw
SAFE Ahead of the throw
SONIC Ahead of the throw
CORE Apple throw-away
LOB Arcing throw

Throw about in sentence

Examples of throw about in sentence…

1. They were throwing a ball about.
2. Don’t throw it about or it might break
3. They were thrown about in the back of the lorry.
4. Let’s have a meeting and throw a few ideas about.
5. Occasionally he throws fancy words about.
6. His name is thrown about a lot.
7. I throw my arms about.
8. I throw my money about.